Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow Globe Ornaments

Hello everyone!  

I hope your holidays went by smoothly!  Sorry I couldn't post this one before the holidays, but I am a last minute kind of girl sometimes, especially after finals.  Besides, I didn't want my friends that read this blog to know what they were getting before hand (hint to the people I still need to see!).  

Anyways, every year I choose a craft to make for everyone since I am a struggling college student.  This year I was inspired by all of the snow globe ornaments I had been seeing all over my normal crafting sites.  Here is my version:

A few weeks before Christmas I went out to find some clear glass ornaments to use.  I could not find them anywhere!  I even went to every store I could think of in the next town over and nothing!  Apparently they were a hot item this year.  I was going to order some off of Amazon, at a super inflated price, when I decided to look for one more day.  Luckily I found one pack hidden in the back of a shelf.  

After I had the ornaments I went in search of things that will fit into it.  I found lovely little figures at a dollar store that just fit into them (although I shattered one trying to get it to fit).  I also found some snow covered branches at a craft store that I cut and made into little trees.  Every place I went to was out of bulk snow, so I had to get a little creative.  With my boyfriends help, we broke apart styrofoam that came out of something or another to use instead.

I started off by prepping the trees.  I used hot glue to piece them together and also to stick them into the globes.  It was a little difficult to get the webs out with tweezers after, but it was just the most efficient glue I had on hand for the job.
Here is the branches, because it was so close to Christmas I got it for 1/3 of the price.

Since the glass ornaments I got were a little on the cheaply made side, some of the openings were wonky.  I had to pair each one up with a figure that will fit it, the bigger ones going into the better formed ones.  I used E 6000 to glue them into place and long tweezers to get them there.

The rest of it was just a matter of putting in enough snow and closing it back up.

Even my boyfriend was excited with how they came out
Honestly, they were a huge hit.  Everyone adored them!