Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Handle Weevils

Okay everyone, I am going to deviate from my normal blogging today.  I have lived in Florida for almost a decade now.  At first every pest problem I had was shocking.  I have had my fair share of battles with sugar ants, roaches (two different kinds at that), spiders (although they were also a problem in Jersey), and flies.  I thought by this point I have learned all of the tricks and can keep my house mostly pest free.  I kept all of my food (as well as certain soaps and tea light candles) in sealed plastic bags or containers after losing so much of it to sugar ants.  I thought nothing could make me lose all of my pantry food and make me go into an all out war again.  I was wrong.

It all started a few months back.  I had a friend over for dinner and I was making fish with broccoli and orzo.  I seasoned the water just how I wanted it and dumped in the orzo when it started to boil.  Soon after I noticed something float to the top.  It was a single tiny black bug.  My friend was already in the kitchen so I asked her to take a look.  She had seen them before and was pretty nonchalant about it.  She told me it was a weevil and we scooped it out of the water.  I inspected the box and what was in the pot, I couldn't see any more floating around.  So, in true college student style, we decided to eat it anyways.  Stuff like that happens, especially in the south.

I month or two later I was going to make chicken parmesan for dinner, and was poking around the cabinet for the flower.  When I pulled it out of its plastic bag I noticed more weevils.  This time they were alive and crawling around in quite larger numbers.  I did a quick google search to figure out what was going on.  I was in for a shock.  These things place their larva into grains and hatch in your pantry.  Almost all grains you buy (including your pasta and flour) has weevil larva in it, you just cannot tell until they start to hatch.  They are completely harmless, and apparently not toxic if you eat them, however they do eat your grains and are not something that you want sprinkled in your cookies.  There are quite a few different kinds, but from a visual comparison it looked like I had a bad case of rice weevils.

Appetizing.  Thank you Gold Miner Pest for this image.

  I quickly started digging through the pantry to see where they were coming from.  As I did I was finding more and more food that was infested.  I finally found what I thought was item zero.  A bag of brown rice that I knew in my gut that I had bought, but couldn't find.  It got shoved into the way back of the pantry and I had bought another bag thinking I was just going crazy.  As soon as it was in site you could hear the movement in the bag, the light scratching sound.  I had a photo of the infested bag, but my phone is still down.  Sorry, but I doubt you really wanted to see it anyways.

I freaked out a little bit, then went and put on my big girl panties and put on some gloves and grabbed a trash bag.  As I was going through and throwing out food I found another discovery.  A small green container with a small bag of flower in it.  All of my flower was in plastic bags and I had been using that method for a while.  This had to be left over from my last pantry purge which shamefully was a little over a year prior.  To my horror it was completely covered in small weevils that were managing to get out of the container even though it had a decent seal.  These things are trickier than german roaches!  So I found the real product zero and ended up losing about $200 worth of food.  Unlike roaches and sugar ants, they can eat through the ziplock style plastic bags I was using to store some of my food and wiggle their way into my cheaper tupperware.

I vacuumed out my cabinet, bleached it, spread around tea tree oil, and added a bunch of bay leaves for good measure (apparently the smell of bay leaves and tea tree oil repels them).  My life was back to normal, or so I thought.

It was just two days later when I noticed something fall onto the counter as I was making breakfast.  It was a weevil.  The cabinet that was infected was still empty and I couldn't find any sign of them!  Where could this one have come from?  Surely not the canned goods cabinet!  With great trepidation I opened it up.  Immediately I noticed something out of place.  There was a box of minute rice in there, and yep, it had a few weevils in it.  I took it out the the dumpster and gave that cabinet the same treatment as the other one.

Just to make sure I was done with them forever, I inspected the cereal on top of the fridge.  It was clean.
Then, just to amuse myself I checked the tight glass containers that I keep my rices and spaghetti in.  To my horror the container of newer brown rice had a few in it.  I had to toss it, along with the white rice just to be safe.  I don't eat white rice that often so if it did get weevils I wouldn't notice in time.  These little suckers managed to make it though every storage technique I know!

A month has gone by since then, and so far I have been weevil free.  I have picked up some new storage habits that hopefully will prevent anything like this from happening again (I don't know how many times I have said that by this point >.< ).

If you get weevils, follow the steps that I did and you should be able to get rid of them.  As far as prevention goes, I store all of my grains in my freezer now.  I read that you could simply freeze them for a few weeks and place them into a sturdy air tight container, but I don't trust that now.  Some of the grains I lost I thought were in sturdy air tight containers.  Luckily I have a large freezer in my garage and I have the space to store grains in it.  Please learn from my pain and freeze your grains, at least for a few weeks, use them quickly, and store them correctly.  I don't want anyone else to lose a lot of food.

Also, I never let this experience stop me from enjoying brown rice.  I actually ate some while writing this.  Be bold!  Don't let bad experiences stop you from enjoying that food.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fairy Garden

So, Mothers Day was rapidly approaching this year, as was finals.  My mother likes gifts that comes from the heart, but I was in a time crunch.  I knew better than ask her what she wanted, she would have said another painting or charcoal drawling.  She loves my artwork, and I am very flattered that she proudly displays everything I make for her, but honestly, I don't know where she has room to hang any more.  On top of the works she already has she found an old free art coupon that I gave her and commissioned a new piece two days ago.  Instead of over crowding her walls with more hanging art, I decided to make a work of art that didn't have to be put onto a wall.  It was time time to get crafty >:3

I have been in love with all the little zen fairy gardens I have been seeing all over Pintrest and Facebook over the past few months.  I have been wanting to make a few to have more interesting potted plants around the house and garden.  Then the idea struck me.  My mother loves plants, but she has a bit of a brown thumb.  What if I made her a fairy garden with all fake and dried plants?

That day, after class, I drove down to Michael's to gather some supplies.  To my delight, their entire spring collection was on sale.  I was able to get a lovely planter, fake moss, and dried flowers for a great price.  This allowed me to splurge on the really nice looking trees.  All of the other items I already had stored up in my craft closet.

Unfortunately my phone was dying and didn't want to charge the day I was making it, so I only have a few pictures of the project.  Also, a dying phone means no flash.  Sorry everyone!

Here is the planter, I found one that matches her room!
The planter was far too deep to just put the moss at the bottom, so I filled up the space with pieces of styrofoam that were once really bad fake swords that I made for a last minute Devil May Cry costume.

One craft fail can always be reused for a craft win.
It took about two layers of this to get to a hight I liked.  To make a more even surface to glue on I cut out a piece of cardboard and fitted it into the pot.  It was such a perfect fit that I didn't even need to glue it, that sucker wasn't going anywhere.

I feel as if I should have made a sex joke here...
After that it was just a matter of placing and glueing.  I cut strips of the moss and fitted it into the planter to make sure it looked alright and then glued it down piece by piece with my hot glue gun.  After I arranged the trees and glued them down the same way.  I had some lovely little stones from a candle holder that the cable guy broke, so I put them to good use.  I even found the last glass shard with my finger!  Crafting is risky business sometimes.  I liked the little courtyard with some stones from a bracelet that broke a long time ago.  The little archway I made using pieces of the wild grape vine that grows along my fence.  All and all I really liked how it came out, and it was super easy.

A little piece of Zen
I added some support to those back trees and a little bench that my boyfriend put together.  Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the little bench because my phone is malfunctioning.  I will try to update with the fully finished project as soon as possible.