Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pad Thai Ramen Noodles

Yesterday, when I got home from school, I was freakishly hungry.  I let my boyfriend claim the leftover ribs from dinner the night before (I didn't really want them anyways), but I still wanted something fast.  I had remembered seeing a recipe from Martha Stewart for a Ramen noodle upgrade and thought it would be perfect.  After all, it uses the college student staple and so far every odd Ramen concoction I have tried so far has ranged from okay to pretty tasty.

It even looks pretty good, which is more than I can say for a great deal of my other concoctions.

I even happened to have all the ingredients just laying around.  It was destined to happen.
My Sriracha situation is still pretty dire from my Sriracha wings, but I promise there was still more than enough for this recipe.  The recipe also did not mention what flavor Ramen works best, so I used the only flavor I had left.

I cooked the noodles with the flavor pack, drained off most of the liquid, and mixed the ingredients.  Once again I added about double the Sriracha because I love spicy food.  

At this point I had a little voice yelling in my head that two tablespoons was way too much peanut butter, but almost all the reviews for it said it tastes great, so I told that voice to shut the hell up.  
It didn't look like the picture, but it also didn't look too bad.

Looks can be deceiving.

This is one of the single worst things I have eaten.  Ever.  It tastes how you would imagine mixing Ramen and peanut butter would.  "Slimy peanut butter noodles" is a better name for this one.  I am highly against wasting food, but I honestly couldn't stomach more than three bites.  My stomach also made weird noises for a few hours after I ate it.  I ended up microwaving chicken nuggets and dipping them in leftover spinach dip.  I should have listened to that voice in my head.  I don't give my culinary training enough credit apparently.

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