Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wine Cork Wreath

Hey everyone!  I know it has been a while again.  Sorry, the end of this semester was rough.  I did manage to pull off some fun projects to share with you; I just didn't have the time to dedicate to posting them.  So you all can expect regular updates again!  Thank you so much for all of your patience. 

I was so excited about this one that I had to share it on my Facebook page as soon as it was done.  I was browsing the internet a few months ago and came across this wreath.

I have no idea who created this, if you do let me know so I can give them credit.

I instantly fell in love.  I knew it was something that I had to make.  So I did what any logical college student would do and started buying wine.  Well, while that was a lot of fun, I wasn't getting enough corks for this project in a reasonable amount of time.  You can buy corks on Amazon, but that was just too expensive (70$ for 100 corks?  I would rather buy the wine!).  I was stuck.  That is when my amazing alcoholic friends came to the rescue.  Within a few weeks I had a shopping bag half full of corks.  <3  I have awesome friends.

I ran out to my local craft store to purchase a wreath form and some decorations for it.  I decided to go with a grape vine one because it just felt appropriate.  That way, if there are any gaps they don't stand out as much as they would on styrofoam a or straw one.   I found this one for around $3!

I wasn't having much inspiration for the decorations on the wreath.  I wanted the fake holly berries, but the selection was lacking since it was still October.  I finally stumbled across a lovely piece of garland complete with the berries, leaves, and poinsettias.  At 5$ it was absolutely perfect.

I started off by simply hot glueing the corks to the wreath, making sure not to follow any particular pattern or direction and filling any major gaps.  I have seen a few of these where all the corks look organized and face the same direction, but they were just not as appealing to me.  I like the orderly disorder approach.

This also means I got to finally break in my new hot glue gun!  Now the other one can be repurposed for all of the melted crayon crafts I have been wanting to try.

Just keep on filling in the wreath until you are pleased with how it looks.  Remember, small gaps are fine.  It shows off little glimpses of grape vines.

Once the body of the wreath was finished, I cut apart the garland and played around with the pieces until I came up with something I liked.

This is what I settled on.  There is not as much color in the original, but I still love how it came out.  Overall, the project cost me about 8$, not including the price of wine, and only took about an hour to put together. 

Honestly, I am planning on making more over the next year and using them as gifts.  Sorry to all my friends, and thank you for abusing your livers for the sake of crafting!

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  1. That is just adorable! Now I want to do something like that.