Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cardassian Sunrise

So, one night I was deep into Star Trek and decided to recreate one of the coolest drinks: the Cardassian Sunrise.

Not to be confused with a Kardassian Sunrise (if that is even a thing, I hope not).

A Cardassian Sunrise is a drink that starts off clear, but with a slight tap it undergoes a reaction.  With a burst of color the drink changes from clear to a red-orange.  While that part of the drink is currently impossible to recreate, my recipe captures all the essence and still manages to taste great.  So, even if you are not a Trekkie you can enjoy it.

Since I created my version, I have found a few recipes online.  I haven't found one that I am as fond of yet.  Perhaps I am biased because this is my Star Trek love child, or maybe mine is superior.  You can be the judge. 

The ingredients are relatively simple.  You can use a double shot of either Sailor Jerry's or Bacardi 151 (no synthehol here), depending on how drunk you want to get.  I prefer to use this particular 16 ounce goblet because it shows off the drink well and gives some sort of tribute to the green color that appears in the reaction.  

Here is the recipe:

1 double shot Sailor Jerry's rum or Bacardi 151
1 quarter shot grenadine 
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Orange-mango juice (I prefer "Simply" brand for this recipe.  The store was out when I went so I had to go with Sunny D).

1. Pour grenadine, lemon juice and rum into a 16 ounce glass
2. Quickly fill the rest of the glass with the orange-mango juice (this will get the swirling reaction from the show and looks pretty neat)
3. Stir and enjoy! 


  1. I really want to try this one! ~Megan

    1. We should have a Star Trek night with some of these... :3