Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday Card Charity

I have been looking through scholarship opportunities recently when I came across a neat one from Do Something.  To apply you have to hand make birthday cards for homeless children and mail it to a local family shelter.  I thought this was a super fun way to give back, and I had always wanted to try my hand at card making (I make awesome painted cards, but I never really tried any paper crafts).

I went out that night and picked up some supplies.  

Okay, I had some of this stuff laying around
I started off with a basic idea of what I wanted them to look like and played around with it before gluing everything.

It was all surprisingly easy, then again, these are not the best homemade cards in the world.  They do come from the heart though, and that is what kind of counts.

Soon I was adding more and more embellishments to them.

Before I knew it, I had over 20 of them completed.

Fancy shot

All slayed out

Hopefully any kid that gets one will enjoy it.  I know I had fun making.  I think I will keep working on my skills with this one until I am able to make those fancy cards!

The picture I took for Do Something's website

If anyone is interested, Do Something has some pretty interesting ideas on how to give back to the community.  Most of them will make you eligible to win a scholarship, but honestly just giving back is the fun part.  By the time I started this project, I already stopped caring about the scholarship.  It's all about helping others yo.  

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