Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lighter Shrimp Thermidor

Sorry for the late post.  I have been nursing a migraine since yesterday, but I have finally came to terms that it is not going to go away anytime soon.  Anyways, I had a bunch of frozen shrimp in my freezer that had to get used, and my step-father was coming down to visit, so it had to be in something he would eat.  He is not the biggest fan of healthy eating of any kind, but I managed to sneak him this lighter version of the normally heavy dish.  He was none the wiser.

I also used some of the sauce to make chicken thermidor for my boyfriend.  He really doesn't like shrimp.  Normally I am the mean girlfriend that says "too bad, this is what I made", but I was feeling nice that night.

The dish is rather easy to make; however, there is a bit of cleanup at the end of the night.  two pots and a cutting board.  Okay, it is not that much cleanup, but I am lazy when it comes to dishes.  I do everything in my power to pawn it off on my poor boyfriend.  Hey, I do the laundry at least!

You start off by boiling water for the pasta while making the sauce.  Remember to always season your pasta water.  It really does make all the difference.

Also, if you don't have a high heat rubber spatula, I highly suggest you invest in one.  You won't be disappointed.  It is my single most used kitchen tool aside from my knives.  It makes not burning delicate sauces much less intimidating and lets you mix up all the edges.

You cook the shrimp right in the sauce (if you are using chicken, you have to cook that first in a separate skillet).

Then you just toss it all together once the pasta is finished and drained.

Finished shrimp thermidor

Okay, okay, you are supposed to use angel hair pasta for this, but I didn't have any in the house so I used linguine.  I didn't feel like going out for one easily substitutable ingredient, sue me.  If you never had shrimp thermidor, it is really good.  The capers really help to give the sauce a lighter feel to it and helps prevent it from overpowering the shrimp.  I never actually tried it out with chicken before, but I stole a bite and it was actually just as good.

Finished chicken thermidor

Here is the recipe for you to try out!

8 oz whole grain angel hair pasta
12 oz shrimp, tails off (the small ones work best) OR 12 oz chopped chicken, cooked
10 oz broccoli, chopped
1/2 cup unsweetened original almond milk
1/4 cup low fat sour cream
1/4 cup dry white wine
1/4 cup water
2 T butter
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 T fresh lemon juice
2 t capers
2 t brown mustard (dijon, or horseradish)
1 t tarragon
1 t seafood seasoning
2 T flour
2 T grated Parmesan cheese

1. Fill a large pot with water to boil for the pasta.  Remember to season the water and add the pasta when it starts to boil.  Angel hair doesn't take long to cook, so check it often.
2. Heat a large sauce pan and add the butter, garlic, capers, and mustard.  Cook on medium for about a minute, or until you can really start to smell the garlic.  Stir.
3. Mix in the wine, lemon, almond milk, sour cream, tarragon, broccoli, and seafood seasoning.  Simmer for another minute.
4. Add shrimp (or chicken) and continue to simmer until the shrimp is fully cooked.  About 4 minutes.
5. Whisk together flour and water in a cup with a fork.  Pour into sauce and simmer until thick, stirring occasionally.  It should take 6-7 minutes.
6. Turn off the heat and stir in the Parmesan.
7. Pour sauce over drained pasta and serve.

This dish goes really well with dark breads and salads.  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. This looks like something my family would enjoy.