Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Pintester Movement: Glitter Shoes

Hey guys, guess what?  It is time for another Pintester Movement hosted by the Pintester Sonja Foust!  If you have never visited her blog, you should check it out.  She is hilarious and tests all the pins you know you have wanted to try.

For the Pintester Movement a bunch of bloggers test out pins and post their results.  This time around I decided to finally try the glitter shoe craft by Pixie in Pumps and try to save my favorite pair of shoes.

I have had these awesome classic black heels since I was in high school.  Amazingly, they are still structurally sound.  However, my water heater went a while ago and all of my shoes were kept near it.  I threw them all away, except for this pair.  I shamefully still tried to get away with wearing them despite the damage to the leather.

Hey, no one could see it at night, right? :(
I knew that bad habit had to stop, so what better way to bring new life into them than by turning them into stellar glitter shoes?

The first step is to sand them down a bit.  I also had to remove the little bows with a seam ripper (I managed to stab myself doing this).

You can really see how bad the leather was after I sanded down the parts that were bubbling.
After that, you just mix up some mod podge with some fine glitter.  I used gloss, like the original blogger.  She really didn't say how much glitter to use, so I just dumped it in until it looked like fairy paste.

It's really hot pink, my camera didn't pick up on the color well.
I painted it on in three coats, getting chunkier and chunkier each time because I was getting tired.  Over all it didn't take too long.  About two hours, including trying to get those little bows off.  It would have probably been faster if I covered the areas I didn't want to have glitter like the tutorial said, but I am a rebel.

I do my best work on my kitchen floor

After the first coat, I wasn't too sure that it was going to come out right.  If you are trying this pin, just keep at it and keep on playing with the glitter to mod podge ratio.  It takes quite a bit of glitter to get a good coat.  

They actually came out really cute.  I always wanted a fun pair of statement shoes, but I was too cheap to make a commitment like that.  I added on an extra layer of mod podge to seal them after they were done and put on some new bows.

I wore them to meet a friend at the movies on a rainy day.  They held up perfectly!  I am sure that they can get scraped up if you stumble in them, but it will only take a touch up of mod podge and glitter to fix them.  How easy is that?

It was sunny 5 minutes before I had to leave. Florida summers...
If you have some old shoes that you were going to throw out, I would definitely suggest that you try this.  I am tempted to find out what else this can work on >:3


  1. You are a brave sole...get it?! Very cute...will you make some for my daughter? Pretty please with glitter on top!

  2. You are a brave sole...get it?! Very cute...will you make some for my daughter? Pretty please with glitter on top!

  3. I will wear my shoes till they die, so this is perfect fore repurposing old shoes. They are very Dorothy Wizard of Oz. I am sure adding that second layer of mod podge to seal them helped with our unruly florida weather.

    Have a good day.
    Cherin //

  4. Ohh mixing it INTO the mod podge is such a good idea! The glue and toss method ALWAYS leaves me with big patches where it wears off. Awesome job!

  5. Those are absolutely amazing! I love them!

  6. Those are so cute! I saw this pin and figured it would never work, guess you prove me wrong!

  7. Oh, great way to get a pair of ruby slippers. Great job.

  8. OMG, THIS IS THE BESTEST PIN EVER. Seriously, I have some shoes that I still adore, but they look like they've seen better days. I'm totally trying this, and even if it doesn't work (for some odd reason), at least I'll be sending them off to that big shoe store in the sky with glittery awesomeness.

  9. Oh so cute! You are a braver fashionista than me :) But they look totally rad on you!

  10. I literally exclaimed aloud, "HOW CUTE!" causing my husband to look up from his work and give me a frowny look. It was worth it though, they are THAT cute! And I love your dotty outfit... I may have to do this!

  11. Holy cow these are cute! I will keep this in mind for an easy project. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love these! Very cute. My 8-year-old will benefit from your braveness!

  13. Super Cute! I'll have to find something to do this on... The reason all my ruined shoes are ruined is because of cat pee. No amount of glitter can fix that. :(